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Got an idea for future research?

The Floral Marketing Fund is always looking for its next project to fund! Projects of particular interest are listed below, but ideas and funding applications can be submitted for any consumer-based research for consideration.

Projects of particular interest are listed below, but any research or marketing effort that will assist with the reaching of consumers to increase the sales of floriculture products will be considered.

  • Finding traits in floral products that attract more young consumers.
  • How to create awareness using social media in all populations (especially young consumers).
  • How to define “the experience” (similar to Starbucks) that consumers would like/require to consume more flowers.
  • What kind of advertising must be used to effectively reach consumers (young versus mature)?
  • Which activities would relate with flowers (i.e. sports, internet surfing, chatting)?
  • Is vase life (guarantee) a factor for buyers?

The Application Process

  • Applicants will be notified of funding after review by the FMF committee and Board.
  • All researchers who are approved for funding by the FMF must submit a final research report on their funded research which becomes the property of the FMF.

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