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Recommended Sites


Recommended Sites

a. Website and social media information from the Society of American Florists (SAF)

b. Online Marketing Playbook — SAF’s Guide to Improving Your Internet Presence and Reaching Customers Through Social Media

c. Search Engine Optimization — information presented by SAF Chief Information Officer (and SEO guru) Renato Sogueco

d. Social media marketing resources from MarketingProfs.com

e. Social Media Examiner is arguably the best online social media magazine

f. Jeff Korhan Digital Media and Small Business Marketing site — Jeff is renowned in the green industry as a social media expert.

g. Social Business — Sloan Management Review

h. SeoMoz.org provides weekly 10 minute SEO video tutorials in the context of their “WhiteBoard Friday” series

i. Copyblogger.com provides a blend of copywriting, online marketing, and SEO articles daily

j. MariSmith.com is a leading source for all things Facebook, as is InsideFacebook.com.


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