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New! Marketing Tactics to Increase Millennial Floral Purchases

Marketing to young consumers is a topic that’s heard industry-wide. This study explores innovative marketing strategies and tactics in order to better target Generation Y consumers.

The new study provides a detailed analysis about the floral consumption behaviors of Millennials. Results of the study reveal ways to effectively attract Millennials to floral products, as well as data on their attitudes, preferences and barriers to purchasing flowers.

The study was conducted by Dr. Chengyan Yue of the University of Minnesota and is sponsored by Asocolflores

Some of the important strategies include:

  • Encourage customization and personalization
    – Provide Millennials the opportunity to arrange their own bouquets and customize their delivery, designs and discount options.
    – Reposition floral products as trendy and modern.
  • Provide value for their dollar
    – Offer loyalty programs with awards or points that do not expire.
    – Create subscription services that are easy to use.
    – Overcome the price barrier by offering free gifts, coupons and discounts.
  • Use electronic word-of-mouth to generate interest
    – Maintain a strong social media presence.
    – Develop apps on mobile phones that engage Millennials using coupons, easy payment options and other desirable features.
    – Create advertisements that contain funny, unique and interesting information about flowers.

Click here to download the full report.

2016 Generations of Flowers Study

Generations Of Flowers StudyThe American Floral Endowment (AFE), in partnership with the Society of American Florists (SAF) conducted the 2016 Generations of Flowers Study

Funded by the Floral Marketing Research Fund and conducted by Russell Research, this new study is an update to the 2009 SAF study exploring consumer perceptions of flowers and plants and purchasing/gift-giving behavior among three key generations: Generation Y (ages 22-39), Generation X (ages 40-51) and Baby Boomers (ages 52-70).

The results show how different groups perceive, buy and use flowers and floral outlets. The research assessed patterns, motivations and barriers to purchasing and the practical and emotional value placed on flowers.

The specific research objectives of the study included:

  • Measure appreciation and knowledge of flowers
  • Determine flower purchase behavior for self and gift-giving
  • Understand purchase behavior and drivers by channel
  • Evaluate gift-giving occasions and the emotional component of giving/receiving flowers
  • Understand the relative importance of buying local in the overall purchase decision
  • Measure similarities and differences between generational segments
  • Evaluate trends when compared to the 2009 research

Download the Executive Summary and Final Report.

2016 Projects Underway:

  • Consumer Purchasing Study

Dating back to 1992, AFE has periodically conducted survey research in the form of a diary study to understand in greater detail the floral purchases of the public.Mature man buying a flower bouquet at florist

Formerly called the Consumer Tracking Study and last conducted in 2005, AFE has partnered with SAF to revive the year-long study that provides actual data on the incidents of purchases, amount spent, what was purchased, for whom and what occasions, and what other gifts were considered.

This study will provide the industry with valuable information to help plan for inventories, marketing and pricing to help florists maximize their sales. Results will be available once completed.

Additional FMRF Reports are Available!

  • 2014 Funeral Directors and Flowers

Bachman's Funeral CasketA guide to floral tributes in funeral services, consumers’ reactions and feedback to improve relationships with floral retailers. The downloadable free report funded by the FMRF includes thoughts and preferences on sympathy flowers, charity donations versus flowers, consumers’ reactions toward sympathy flowers, the relationship between floral retailers and funeral directors, and more!

The Funeral Directors and Flowers report analyzes results from a survey of nearly 200 members of the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA). The report contains ready-to-implement ideas, checklists and detailed suggestions from funeral directors, and is the first of its kind in more than 20 years. The report is indexed and clickable throughout — use the bookmark tool to guide you through the different chapters. A must-have for the floral and funeral industries!

Woman Puchasing FlowersThis FMRF-funded study provides the industry with brand new data about the barriers to and motivations for purchasing flowers. The study analyzes data from 1,500 adults aged 18 to 60 who currently live in the U.S. and have not purchased flowers in the past 12 months and presents compelling and practical ideas florists could use to capture that audience. An Executive Summary of the data is also available.

The objectives of the report include:
  • Identifying the demographics of non-flower buyers
  • Examining transactional factors like purchase channel and amount spent
  • Determining why consumers choose non-floral gifts over flowers
  • Proposing strategies to convert non-flower buyers to flower buyers

treeThis FMRF-funded project explores current social media research and usage among other industries to identify the most effective social media techniques that have the greatest applicability to today’s floral industry businesses. The individual chapters of the Social Media Guide are listed below. When you click on the name of each chapter, you will be taken to a landing page for that chapter that contains an outline of the chapter content and links to other resources that may be pertinent.

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Social Media – The Big Picture
  3. Successful Case Studies of Social Media Implementation
  4. Social Media Channels, Tools, and Techniques
  5. Social Marketing
  6. Optimizing for Mobile Technologies
  7. Recommendations
  8. Glossary of Social Media Terminology
  9. Recommended Sites
  10. Other Social Media Guides

Authors of this guide:

  • Dr. Charlie Hall (Holder of the Ellison Chair of International Floriculture at Texas A&M University)
  • Jeff Korhan (Global Digital Marketing Speaker, Author, Syndicated Publisher, and Consultant for the green industry)
  • Dr. Bridget Behe (Professor of Horticulture Marketing at Michigan State University)
  • Dr. Chengyan Yue (Holder of the·Todd and Barbara Bachman Endowed Chair in Horticultural Science at the University of Minnesota)

For more information contact, Dr. Charlie Hall.


  • Consumer Preferences for Flowers as Gifts: Age, Segments, Substitutes and Perceived Risk

boxflowers1Click links below to download PDF’s:

Research conducted by:

  • Dr. Chengyan Yue, Assistant Professor of Horticultural Science & Applied Economics, and Bachman Endowed Chair in Horticultural Marketing at the University of Minnesota
  • Alicia Rihn, Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Minnesota
  • Dr. Bridget Behe, Professor, Department of Horticulture, Michigan State University
  • Dr. Charlie Hall, Professor of Horticulture, Ellison Endowed Chair in International Floriculture, Texas A&M University

For more information contact Dr. Chengyan Yue.

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