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The Floral Marketing Fund (FMF) represents a community of floral industry organizations and leaders collaboratively supporting and funding floral marketing efforts, consumer research, and promoting the emotional wellness and health benefits to increase consumer consumption of flowers and plants.  

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Tips to Increase Plant Purchasing 3 Part Series – Part 1

Tips to Increase Plant Purchasing 3 Part Series – Part 1

Understanding Market Trends Entering the third summer of the COVID-19 pandemic, floral shops can continue to seize on the popularity of gardening hobbyists and at-home flower lovers to capture new business by educating customers and tweaking merchandising plans. By...

4 Advertising Tips to Capture More Business

4 Advertising Tips to Capture More Business

Findings from New Consumer Research   Picture a cut flower advertisement. Is it a single stem or a bouquet? Is there text? Is the image static or animated? Where is it displayed? These are among the questions raised by the recent Floral Marketing Fund report...

Path to Purchasing for Garden Center Consumers In-Store and Online

Path to Purchasing for Garden Center Consumers In-Store and Online

Upcoming Webinar Presentation and Final Report Released   The Floral Marketing Fund (FMF), in partnership with the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre and the University of Guelph, are presenting the final results from a new study on consumers’ perceived...

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Industry growth depends on a better understanding of both floral and non-floral buying consumers. Supporting the FMF helps fund learning that allows us to gain from both broad and actionable insight. Carlos A. Oramas The Gems Group



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The Floral Marketing Fund is able to provide marketing and research efforts to the industry as FREE resources & reports because of generous contributions from floral industry organizations. Make a contribution to the Floral Marketing Fund TODAY to ensure funding and research for the future!

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AFE & FMF Partnership

AFE and FMF Partnership


The American Floral Endowment (AFE) established the Floral Marketing Fund in 2008 to conduct consumer market research to promote floral consumption. AFE also provides scientific research for the floral industry, administers educational grants, scholarships, internships, and other floriculture programs.

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